Monday, July 31, 2006

More camp observations from the Ultimate Packer Fan

Monday July 31, 2006

Editor's note: this on-site report was provided by the Ultimate Packer Fan.

Practice was hot – Africa hot.

There were three halfback option passes with Herrion throwing on all three. I think Herrion looks better than Gado right now.

Spitz wiffed in one on one pass rush against Pickett. Johnny Jolly got a good push against College. Tony Moll needs work on pass protection.

Here’s a difference between high and low draft picks. Ryan Pickett (round 1) runs some of the DL agility drills as fast or faster than Dave Tollefson (round 6). The difference is Pickett is 70 pounds heavier. Talked awhile to Tollefson’s girlfriend at practice. She’s easy on the eyes. Looks like most of his signing bonus is hanging on her finger. Theplayers call him mini-kamp because he looks like Kampmen but smaller. Hehad decided to sign with Green Bay even if he wasn’t drafted. He visited here before the draft and liked it here and knew smaller ends are used in this defense. Maybe because there is little depth at end too.

In a drill with the ends today the lack of depth struck me. Kampmen, KGB, Montgomery and a bunch of no names. Hope they stay healthy.I would say the best depth is LB, DT and TE (Tory Humphry has caught a lot of balls). CB might be OK if Woodson pans out. He seems to have an attitude out there. Looks a little lazy or a “been there, done that”attitude. Hard to put my finger on yet.

Martin caught an out pass vs Carroll this afternoon. Carroll immediately looks to the high school ref on the sidelines and hollers “didn’t you see that m-f'er push me off”. Some things never change.

Jennings caught a long bomb last night that was perfectly thrown. He didn’t have to jump and caught the ball as effortlessly as I have seen at a camp. Soft hands and looked natural. He’s not another track guy trying to play receiver.

Less time is spent on special teams as was under Sherman. But who knows because Sherman’s ST’s were poor to mediocre. If they improve it might make the case for good special teams are a result of better players not coaching (like 1996). The depth of the roster is better I believe and linebackers are deep so special teams may improve.

Last night Favre threw a touch pass 15 yards downfield in the right flat toHenderson that was a masterpiece. Hawkins was there and jumped to defend but the ball was about 6 inches over his reach and right on the money to Will who rumbled down the field. Gonna miss passes like that when he hangs it up.

Rock Gullickson leads the entire team in calisthenics early in practice. He looks like a Marine drill sergeant and his voice booms across the field. Sherman never warmed up the team as a whole group. They do all the old basic warm up stuff done by high school teams. I always thought it was weird they never did that before.

It’s hard to get a read on Hawk and Hodge in the run game. They have not had a live 9 on 7 run scrimmage with tackling yet. Thought they would have by now.

News from Camp

Our on-site camp spy (the Ultimate Packer Fan) provided the following report:

Sunday July 30, 2006 6:30 practice: The generators are noisy and it was crowded. So far I dislike evening practices. McCarthy (mc) runs a fast-paced practice. He does more team scrimmage than Sherman. I focused on the O-line last night. The line will be in better condition this year. That is obvious.

The individual drills are fast paced and very intense. Both Philbin and Campen are vocal andinvolved. Last year under Beightol, Campen was unnoticeable. Campen really got after them in one fast-paced drill. They split up the line quite a bit. C’s and G’s working drill together and the T’s and TE’s working another. G’s and T’s together and the C’s with the QB’s on shotgun. In a blockingdrill they punched out at the DL and then slip down to cut them.

Jags was overseeing and said he wants 3 cuts a game from each lineman. I guess to keep the DL off guard and always looking for it. A couple FA lineman looked foolish doing it. Ended up with their faces in the dirt.

Tauscher seemed to lead the lineman during practice. Always hustling from drill to drill.

Cliffy was heading to the water bottle frequently. He was sucking wind alittle. Maybe out of shape a little because of the knee rehab? Probablybecause it’s a lot more intense and they are working harder than in thepast.

I think Barry would have struggled with the pace. The line sprintsfrom the huddle to the line of scrimmage.

Sunday July 30, 2006. I woke at 7:00 am to a huge thunderstorm. Practice was inside the Hutson Center. I watched from the door for awhile but could not see much. Surveyed the practice field. The lights suck. Fan friendly my *ss. The lights are on a pole with a big generator beneath. Each light unit is barricaded off. There are seven of them on the fan side of the field. Eachone takes up the room that 30 people could stand. I hope the generators arequiet. Plus it looks like you have to stare directly into the lights on theother side of the field. Not impressed with night practices from what I seeso far.

Shook hands with Johnny Gray this morning. He’s a nice guy. Real friendly. An unidentified player lit up his tires for about 20 yards with a one tondooly pickup heading down Onieda after practice. Didn’t know that was possible.

Where You At Moss?

Ah, Randy Moss. He's almost too easy to make fun of these days. So I would like to take you back to simpler times...when Randy was all the Vikings had. (Now, they have nothing). We all remember the time when Moss made himself look like an ass by showing his ass, well here is what he claims started it all.

"In the May 16th issue of Sports Illustrated, writer Karl Taro Greenfield asked Moss in an interview why he did it [Mooned Green Bay]. This is what he had to say... While the act was spontaneous, Moss concedes that it was rooted in revenge. "I told myself I was going to get Green Bay fans back for their little antics when I was hurt." Moss is referring to a performance by the University of Wisconsin Marching Band at the Vikings-Packers game on Nov. 14, 2004. Taunting Moss, who was on the sideline in street clothes because of a pulled hamstring, the band appeared with their tubas bearing cloth covers on which were letters that spelled out: WHERE YOU AT MOSS?" ---Written By Chanson15 of YouTube.

I get it then, we created the monster that squirted an official, tried to run over a cop, and looks ugly in purple. It's our fault.

Here is the video from one of The Friends of Cheese and Packers, Chanson15. We stand behind this video and everything that it stands for. Or, at least Chuck Sample agrees with me. So, I'll stop wasting your time. Please, enjoy Moss in "Where You At Moss?".

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Favre's Last Touchdown

Okay folks, here's the last of the videos from our "Visit To Lambeau" series. This one shows Favre's last touchdown of the year. As we know, he'll toss plenty more in 2006, so enjoy it, but not too much.

This was the game against Seattle where we were beating them so bad we had to show mercy. Later I'll post some pictures that we took from that amazing game.

And beware, the camera is very shaky. The excitement in the air made everything very unstable.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Favre Introduction

Here's a little treat for you Packer fans out there. I was at Favre's last home game (so far) and I took this crappy video from the 50 yard line. Hey, it's not amazing, but it's kinda neat to get the that old Lambeau feeling again. The rush of the crowd noise, the winter chill in the air. This will have to get you by until football season.

From the Packman

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Not A Real Game Tape

The CheeseandPackers phones rang off the hook yesterday with questions and complaints. Let me clear a few things up. I am not impersonating Don Majkowski. I have already stated in the previous post, I AM NOT DON MAJKOWSKI. I just have his smell.

Anyways, since Lindy Infante still won't return my calls, I had to recreate another classic game against the Vikings. This one involves Majkowski tossing a deep one to Sharpe. I hope you enjoy this game tape. I know Don did.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Interview Archives - Gary Ponser

A lot of Packer fans probably have no idea who Gary Ponser is nowadays. In truth I can't say I blame them. Gary hasn't been directly involved with the organization for 14 years. 14 long years of exile will finally come to a close this season as Gary has agreed to become an analyst for We couldn't be more proud. But, we thought to ourselves, will people respect this man if they don't know his rich history? Will they appreciate his years of wisdom or just dismiss his opinions? We decided to address the issues head on. Gary's life is not one without heartache and mistakes. There's a reason Gary hasn't been there for the Pack for all those years. In order to find closure we now re-run an interview from the now defunct Little Chute Gazette-Tribune-Intelligencer.

Sept. 19th, 1992

Did Samson have a Stylist too?
by Jason Johnson

Here at the corner of Oneida and Shawano sits a small, humble building. The exterior is nothing special. No beautiful architecture, no artfully chosen facades. Just a simple barber's pole and a sign that usually says "open". Gary's Choice Cuts seems to be your standard every day barber shop. A few chairs, some old magazines in the lobby and the soft tunes coming from the radio in the corner are staples of most hair salons these days. But Gary Ponser, owner and operator, has something those other places just can't touch.

For 5 years now Gary has been the stylist for Green Bay's most famous head of hair. Don Majkowski first walked into Gary's establishment in the late summer of 1987. He looked, according to Gary, "disheveled, distraught."

Gary sat him down and went to work. Don had made the mistake of falling asleep in a training camp film session and his new teammates had taken "a bit off the top". Gary, utilyzing all of his master barber skills, managed to reshape the mishappen hair into the beautiful piece of work we now know and love. For what it's worth Gary thinks Chuck Cecil and Terrell Buckley were the perpetrators. "I always wondered about Terrell after that, why would you want to hurt such a lovely head of hair? And Chuck? He was never the same."

Today Don is in the barber's seat once again. We wanted to be here for this charming moment as well. This is, after all, the place where all the "majik" happens.

"He's really the only person I can trust y'know? I don't know what I'd do without Gary. I just, I feed off my emotions and my emotions feed off of how I look and my look, well my look is based on my hair y'know? It's the hair that drives the Majikman's engine. I have to look good. Real good. And Gary's the man to make it happen. He's the mvp of the '89 season if you ask me" says Don, sitting regally under a green sheet lined with gold to keep his gorgeous locks off his Guess jeans.

As the hair cut goes on from shampoo (no sign of dandruff from our qb, of course) to the shaping faze it's clear that Gary and Don have a bond that may not be easily defined. "I sure don't know what to call it" Don says. "Brotherly? Maybe?" Gary offers. "No, not brotherly. It's awesome is what it is" replies Don. And so on. In fact they went on for 10 minutes trying to define their relationship. This report has one word for it, awkward.

Sadly, today's session would end with a very quiet "oh no" from Gary. Don would become flustered and demand to see a mirror. After much angry discourse Gary would finally provide one. Don, reviewing the left side of his mane (behind his ear) would learn the reason for Gary's concern. An obvious mis-cut. Just a half inch in lenth. It looked terrible and both Don and Gary knew it.

Don walked out of the store quietly and without a word. Gary is concerned about his favorite quarterback. Very much so. "It's only hair right? I mean, we joke about the Samson thing and all that but it doesn't mean that much right? Right?" Gary asked this reporter. We'll find out tomorrow as the Packers face off against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Majik Gathering

Many of you were probably too young to know me. The ones who are old enough choose to forget me. I'm the reason Brett Favre is a household name. Three time MVP. Two time Super Bowl...player. One time Super Bowl winner. Favre should have won that second one...damn Broncos.

In time you will get your fill of who Don Majkowski really is, who he was...and what he has become. I am not Don Majkowski. I do not get paid to post gushing memories on how great he was.

I am The Majikman. I have captured his swagger. His grace. His beautiful blonde hair. His smell. I am all that is left of 1989. I'm the ghost that haunts Lambeau Field. I was never injured. I never stopped playing. I never let the streak happen.

Since I don't have game tapes from 1989, (Lindy still has them), I will have to recreate classic moments for you. The effect will be the same. You will remember what I could have been if only....if only.

Monday, July 24, 2006


On Saturday the Packers put Reggie White into their Hall of Fame. An honor that he deserved and one that was maybe a little overdue. His family did not attend. Initially when reading this bit of news I was annoyed but then I epiphed (or, I had an epiphany, if you want to use "real" words) and realized this was inevitable. Expecting Reggie's family to show up every time someone wants to honor the man is a little like expecting that eating a gallon of Blackberry Swirl ice cream every day won't make you gain 70 pounds by the time Madden is rambling on about Turducken. Sure it'd be awesome, and kinda amazing, but it's not likely to happen any time soon is it? So, Whites, I carry no grudge.

I'm not going to write about Reggie and his inductment mostly because I, like our White friends, was not there and also because the actual ceremony is just a minor moment in a lifetime of major achievements. I'm not going to rehash all that either. There are plenty of places to review Reggie's career, his accomplishments, his failings and all the rest. Most of us know the important stuff without having to read about it in the Post-Gazette anyway.

Reggie White was the first guy that made me believe the Packers were a legitimate team. When he signed on I just remember walking around in a daze wondering what that might mean. When he came out in the papers and said that the team was Favre's (and, by default, not Sharpe's) I had a little hop in my step. When he said something I believed him in full*.

It's not an easy thing to do - getting a fan to believe their team is going to win it all. Sure most fans have some delusions and think they have a chance but in their hearts they know that maybe their boys aren't quite up to the task. They know they don't have what it takes. The Packers in 96? I never doubted for a second that they wouldn't win it. So I'm grateful. Thank you Reggie for making me believe. For making me know we were going to win. That is still the singular sports season for me that I felt like I had the best horse in the race. The reasons for that go far beyond Reggie. But he's the one that made me think it could really happen. That alone makes him worthy of the Ring and the Hall. That's what made him special. Thanks Reggie.

*This belief in his sayings did not necessarily carry over to non-football related issues. Like, say, the thing about Asians being handy with computers or the all white people being good with money thing. Those things I didn't really believe. Football? Good to go. Social issues? Uh, man, did you see that hump move? That was amazing! Ha ha.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Training Camp

Our eye witness reporter will be on hand for training camp. Watch for daily in-depth analysis.

Friday, July 21, 2006

False Starts

Today there is something new on the interweb. Something different. I’ve heard folks on the street talking about it (technically, not true). It’s us. The cheeseandpackers crew. We are to Green Bay Packers web sites as the Sharks and Jets* are to dancing/singing street gangs. Yeah, I said it. To mix dated semi-musical metaphors the other guys are all a little bit country, but we’re the only ones crazy enough to be a little bit rock n’ roll.**

We believe in Favre’s right arm, Holmgren’s mustache (take that Wannstedt!) and Majkowski’s hair. Heck we even believe Lindy Infante’s stomach is an ideal storage area for playbooks and, now that he’s not on the sidelines, Us Weekly.

We believe that the Pack always have a chance to win the Super Bowl even when it is absotively, posulutely clear that they have no chance of winning the dang thing. We believe in critical analysis…of lame media hype and nonsensical Christl online chats. We believe that breaking down the numbers from last week’s game is kinda cool in a “what the heck should I do with my Wednesday evenings now that Lost is in re-runs” sort of way.

We believe that someone really needs to come up with a new name for Fantasy Football because we’re adult males and the word “fantasy” denotes something with wizards or something with whips. Or both. And we don’t want to think of Samkon in that way.

Beginning today we’ll have something packer-related for you every weekday. We might even throw something fun up on a weekend if we’re properly motivated. Like, say, a Sunday recap of Reggie White being inducted into the ol’ Packer Hall of Fame. Who’s to say really?

We appreciate you stopping by, tell all your cool friends about us. Heck you can even tell Viking’s fans about us. Just don’t blame us when you then have to show said Viking fan what a computer is and help them log on and don’t even get us started on explaining this here interweb to one of ‘em. Maybe you should just leave them out of it for now.

See ya on Sunday.

* I can’t really remember which one was better so I’m throwing them both out there. Were the Sharks better dancers and the Jets better singers? Vice versa?

** Are you concerned that you’re trying to read about the Packers and you’ve been hit with West Side Story and The Osmond’s references back to back?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Coming Soon.

Just a few more days until is up and running. Thanks for your patience.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

and so it begins...

Are we all present and accounted for? Majikman, CornellJ, Chuck Sample, Mike Sherman and me. Hmm... Mike? Uh, Mr. Sherman? You're going to have to leave.

What? Why?

We all got together and decided that mediocrity is kind of, um, un-packerlike.

But where will I go?

Um yeah, about that... we don't really care. It's been a good run. Maybe you should try not being a head coach for a while. Maybe someplace where 8-8 would be awesome.


As much as we would love to have you in Chicago maybe a little further south would be good for you. Say Houston? You'll love it there. You know all the great tradition and history of winning and all that you loved here?

Of course.

Yeah they have the opposite of that.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who's That Man?

Is that CornellJ?

Here's A Sample

Chuck Sample is here!

and here!

Vikings 35th anniversary

Cheese and Packers received this patch from an inside man at the Viking organization. They were going to release it last year, but Ziggy thought it might make them look bad, so they changed it. Here is a picture of it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Our Ten Year Anniversary

Has it been ten years already?

This year The Pack has a new logo to remind us that we spanked the Patriots in Supebowl XXXI, which I think is great.

I think next we should have patches and logos about some of the other great games, like when the Vikings lost to the Falcons in the playoffs a few years ago.....

Here is a link that talks about the new 10th anniversary logo.